This list of samples of sans-serif typefaces details standard sans-serif fonts used in printing, classical typesetting and printing.


Samples of Sans-serif typefaces
Typeface name Example 1 Example 2 Example 3
Agency FB
Designer: Caleigh Huber & Morris Fuller Benton
Class: Geometric
Agency FB large
Designer: Günter Gerhard Lange
Class: Grotesque
Akzidenz-Grotesk font Akzidenz-Grotesk sample AkzidenzGroteskspecAIB1
Designer: Zarthwork
Class: Geometric
Arcon Arcon-font-4-big
Designer: Robin Nicholas & Patrica Saunders
Class: Realist
Arial font Arial sample ArialMTsp
ITC Avant Garde Gothic
Designer: Herb Lubalin, Tom Carnase
Class: Geometric
ITC Avant Garde Gothic Nameplatesvg ITC Avant Garde Pangram ITC Avant Garde Gothic Sample
Designer: Adrian Frutiger
Class: Geometric
Avenir Nameplate Avenir Pangram AvenirSP
Bank Gothic
Designer: Morris Fuller Benton
Class: Geometric
Bank Gothic Nameplate Bank Gothic Pangram BankGothicsp
Bell Centennial
Designer: Matthew Carter
Class: Transitional
Bell Centennial font Bell Centennial sample BellCentennial sample
Bell Gothic
Designer: Chauncey H. Griffith
Class: Realist
Bell Gothic font Bell Gothic sample BellGothic
Benguiat Gothic
Designer: Ed Benguiat
Class: Humanist
Benguiat Gothic Typeface Benguiat Gothic Sample Benguiat Gothic Specimen
Designer: Marco Ugolini
Class: Geometric
Biko1 Biko
Designer: Lucas de Groot
Class: Humanist
Calibri font Calibri sample CalibriSpecimen
Designer: Gary Munch
Class: Humanist
Candara font Candara sample Candara Sample
Designer: David Crossland
Class: Humanist
Cantarell Nameplate Cantarell Pangram Cantarell2
Century Gothic
Designer: Morris Fuller Benton
Class: Geometric
Century Gothic font Century Gothic sample CenturyGothicSpecimen
Charcoal (Mac OS 9 system font)
Designer: David Berlow
Charcoal Nameplate Charcoal Pangram CharcoalSpecimen7
Chicago (pre-Mac OS 9 system font, still included with Mac OS X)
Designer: Susan Kare
Chicago font Chicago sample Chicago typeface spec
Adobe Clean Adobe's now standard GUI and icon font Adobe Clean typeface name Adobe Clean Example
Designer: James Montalbano et al.
Class: Humanist
Clearview font Clearview sample
Comic Sans
Designer: Vincent Connare
Comic Sans font Comic Sans sample ComicSansSpec3
Designer: Jeremy Tankard
Corbel Typeface Corbel sample CorbelSpec
FF Dax
Designer: Hans Reichel
FFDAX SAMPLE Dax sample Daxx Sample
DejaVu Sans DejaVu Sans font DejaVu Sans sample DejaVuSans
DIN 1451
Designer: Deutsches Institut für Normung
Class: Realist
DIN 1451 Nameplate DIN 1451 Pangram DIN 1451
Designer: Marek Sigmund
Class: Geometric
Drogowskaz sample
Droid Sans
Designer: Steve Matteson
Droid Sans Typeface Font-Sample-Droid-Sans plainsvg 2 DroidSansSpecimen
Designer: Albert Boton, Albert Hollenstein
Class: Humanist
Eras font Eras sample ITCEras
Designer: Aldo Novarese, Akira Kobayashi
Eurostile Typeface Eurostile Sample EurostileSpec
Designer: Konrad Bauer & Walter Baum
Class: Neo-grotesque
Franklin Gothic
Designer: Morris Fuller Benton
Franklin Gothic Typeface FranklinGothic FranklinGothicSP
Designer: Adrian Frutiger
Frutiger font Frutiger sample FrutigerSpec-1
Designer: Paul Renner
Class: Geometric
Futura Typeface Futura Futura Specimen
Designer: Susan Kare
Class: Realist
Geneva font Geneva sample GenevaSpecimen
Gill Sans
Designer: Eric Gill
Class: Humanist
Gill Sans font Gill Sans sample GillSansEG
Designer: Tobias Frere-Jones
Class: Geometric
Designer: Walter Haettenschweiler
Class: Realist
Haettenschweiler font Haettenschweiler sample Haettenschweiler2
Half Moon Rising [1]
Designer: mbafonts
Handel Gothic
Designer: Don Handel, Ronald Trogram
Class: Geometric
Handel Gothic Typeface Handel Gothic Pangram Handel Gothic Type Specimen
Designer: Max Miedinger, Eduard Hoffman
Class: Neo-grotesque
Helvetica font Helvetica sample HelveticaSpecimenCH
Highway Gothic
Designer: Ted Forbes
Class: Neo-grotesque
Highway Gothic font Highway Gothic sample Highway Gothic Sample
Designer: Geoffrey Lee
Impact font Impact sample ImpactSP
GE Inspira
Designer: Michael Abbink
Inspira Nameplate GE Inspira Inspira Sample
Designer: Edward Johnston, Eric Gill
Class: Humanist
Johnston Typeface Johnston Font Sample ITC Johnston typeface specimen
Designer: Rudolf Koch
Class: Geometric
Kabel font Kabel sample
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Designer: Łukasz Dziedzic
Class: Humanist
Lato Nameplate Sample Lato-font
Libel Suit [2] Libel-suit.regular
Liberation Sans
Designer: Steve Matteson
Class: Realist
Font Sample - Liberation Sans
Lucida Grande (former Mac OS X system font, used from Mac OS X 10.0 to Mac OS X 10.9)
Designer: Charles Bigelow, Kris Holmes
Class: Humanist
Lucida Sans
Designer: Charles Bigelow, Kris Holmes
Class: Humanist
Lucida Sans font Lucida Sans sample LucidaSansSpecimen
FF Meta
Designer: Erik Spiekermann
Class: Humanist
FF Meta Nameplate FF Meta Pangram FFMeta
Microsoft Sans Serif
Designer: Microsoft
Microsoft Sans Serif Font Microsoft Sans Serif sample MicrosoftSansSerifSpecimen
Designer: Robert Slimbach, Carol Twombly
Class: Humanist
Myriad font Myriad sample Myriadsp
News Gothic
Designer: Morris Fuller Benton
News Gothic Typeface News Gothic sample NGsp4
Open Sans
Designer: Steve Matteson
Class: Humanist
Open Sans Nameplate Open Sans Pangram Open Sans sample
Designer: Hermann Zapf
Optima font Optima sample Optima font sample
Class: Geometric
Quicksans-accurate-icg-fill font 69723 Quicksans accurate icg fill font preview characters Quicksans Specimen
Rail Alphabet
Designer: Margaret Calvert, Jock Kinneir
San Francisco
Class: Neo-grotesque
San Francisco Display SP
Segoe UI
Designer: Steve Matteson
Segoe UI font Segoe UI sample SegoeUI SP
Designer: Matthew Carter
Skia Typeface Skia Pangramsvg Skiaspecimen3
Source Sans Pro
Designer: Paul D. Hunt
Class: Realist
Source Sans Pro - Typeface name sample Source Sans Pro Pangram SourceSansPro-sample
Designer: Hans Eduard Meier
Class: Humanist
Designer: Matthew Carter
Class: Humanist
Tahoma font Tahoma sample Tahoma
Taylor [3]
Designer: mbafonts
Thesis Sans
Designer: Lucas de Groot
Class: Humanist
Designer: RNIB
Tiresias Nameplate Tiresias Pangram Tiresias sample
Trade Gothic
Designer: Jackson Burke
Class: Grotesque
Trade Gothic Nameplate Trade Gothic Pangram TradeGothic
Designer: Jock Kinneir, Margaret Calvert
Transport font Transport sample Transport Sample
Trebuchet MS
Designer: Vincent Connare
Class: Humanist
Trebuchet MS font Trebuchet MS sample TrebuchetMS SP
Designer: Dalton Maag
Class: Humanist
Ubuntu name Ubuntu sample Ubuntu
Designer: Adrian Frutiger
Class: Neo-Grotesque
Univers Typeface Univers sample Univers sample 2015
VAG Rounded
Designer: Gerry Barney et al.
Class: Geometric
VAG Rounded Nameplate VAG Rounded Pangram VAG Rounded Sample
Vera Sans
Designer: Jim Lyles
Vera Sans Typeface Bitstream Vera Sans VeraSansSpecimen
Designer: Matthew Carter
Verdana font Verdana sample VerdanaSpecimen

Additional sans-serif typefacesEdit

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